Your Will Is a Way to Help Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church

(Taking on the tough task of estate planning can be a gift to your family and church)

The planning and writing of a will is both a civic obligation and a personal privilege. We live in a nation of laws. During all of our lifetime, different laws apply to our living. When we are born, our birth is registered as required by law.

When we are alive, we comply with legal requirements when purchasing a home, making loans, securing a passport and in many more of life’s activities. When we die, our life’s passing is noted in securing a death certificate and in the probate process. In all of life’s activities, the law is there.

One of the most important legal activities that we each, individually, face is to decide how that which we have acquired is used and who will benefit from those possessions. While living, we are present to make those decisions. Before we die, we can determine who will receive our estate with a will. Should we not make that determination with our own will, then the State or others will decide for us, often ignoring our important preferences. Deciding not to write a will reflects a lack of civic responsibility and compliance, and a last opportunity to demonstrate our love to those whom we cherish.

There are some vital details we each are allowed in writing our will. Each person on his or her own have the legal right to write a will. Additional details include the naming of a personal representative, deciding who will serve

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as guardians of our minor children, proving guidelines concerning how thay will be raised, and expressing gratitude for all of life’s blessings.

Life involves a string of choices, and the most important choices we make involve the use and disposition of what we have. This is called stewardship, the management of our resources. Our acts during our lifetime become a statement of faith. Our last act, our will, serves as a final testimony of our faith journey in life. We exercise a spiritual privilege when we plan and write our own will.

Before putting together your will, ask each primary beneficiary (spouse, children, your church) to

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express their preferences on personal treasures; it will help you decide who gets what. If you have your will made out, ask your attorney to add a line stating that you bequeath to Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church.

If you have planned a future gift to our parish, let us know so that we can express our gratitude. If you have some questions and concerns, please contact your financial advisor, or attorney, or our church office at 619-276-5827.