Wish List For St. George Serbian Orthodox Church

St. George’s Wish List is a list of items above and beyond our annually budgeted items that our various Ministries “wish” for to further God’s work. If you wish to gift an item on the list please contact Fr. Bratso Krsic (frbratso@sbcglobal.net, (o) 619-276-5827, (c) 619-316-2362) or Kate Thickstun, president of the Parish Council/Church Board (kathickstun@gmail.com). 

Fr. Bratso and the Parish Council/Church Board have agreed unanimously that any or all of the items on this list, given joyfully to our parish will further Christ’s work and the mission of our parish.

Building and Grounds 

  1. General donations to the Capital Campaign “Continuing our Legacy” to help maintain and continue the renovation of the church’s facilities and grounds (finishing patio cover, A/C in the hall and church, heating in the church and hall, expansion of the hall for library, conference room, classrooms, etc.) 
  2. Painting of the fence around our church property.
  3. Improvement of our landscape 
  4. Upgrading and/or adding additional outside lighting on Church building
  5. Repairing the playground for children.
  6. General cleanup and repair (there is always something that needs to be repaired or cleaned).


  1. New choir members (Kate Thickstun, our choir director and all choir members eagerly welcome everyone to join them; Our choir functions to its fullest potential when all choir members sense their place within the Church as a vocation to be taken seriously).

Children’s Ministry 

  1. Sunday School Teachers (especially for high school students; young adult ministry)
  2. Donations to help fund Sunday School Ministry programs (field trips, retreats, camps, etc.) and renovation of classrooms. 

Fellowship & Mission

  1. Donations of food for weekly Bible Study
  2. Donations for mission (e.g. “Circle of 100”)

Good Samaritan Fund

  1. Donations to this fund will help those in need in our own parish and also those outside of our community (e.g. IOCC, Kosovo and Metohija and other countries and areas with greatest need).

Equipment & Tools 

  1. Used or new car 
  2. Tool set ($200)
  3. Gas blower ($300)
  4. iPad ($850)


  1. Office volunteers 
  2. Outreach committee 

Undesignated Gifts 

Undesignated monetary gifts to the Church’s work – both large and small – may be made at any time. The Parish Council/Church Board will put such gifts to use in the areas of greatest need. 

Note: This certainly is not an exhaustive list of what is needed; therefore, suggestions are always welcome. Thank you!!