Vidovdan celebration, Sunday, June 28th

Please, let us know if you are planning on being here

June 19th, 2020

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

We hope and pray that you all are in good spiritual and physical health these summer days. As you know, on Sunday, May 31st, we reopened the church. We served the Liturgy with parishioners being present in the church, for the first time since this the March 19th issuance of a stay at home order by the governor of our state. On Sunday, May 31st, we had 26 parishioners in attendance and the subsequent Sunday, a little over 40. So, we are slowly going back to normal parish activities.

On Sunday, June 28th, we will reopen our kitchen and prepare the first meal since the quarantine. This Sunday, we will celebrate Vidovdan and honor our parish graduates. We are planning a meal that will be served on individual plates to each parishioner, with chairs set up at each table six feet apart. Family members will be able to sit together at a table without requiring physical distance. To help us prepare the right amount of food and set up tables according to all SD Health Department guidelines, please text or call Father Bratso if you’re planning on attending, 619-316-2362. Also, let him know of any high school, college and/or graduate school graduates in our parish so that we can honor them during the Vidovdan celebration on June 28th.

Additionally, we would appreciate your continued stewardship and any special donations you would like to make during these summer months. The previous three months have been financially difficult for our parish, since some of our regular activities have been either cancelled or postponed. Moreover, this financial difficulty was a predicament for some of our parishioners, resulting in diminished donations. We ask you all to consider making your summer stewardship and special donations before you go on vacation.

Finally, on Sunday, August 9th, we will have a celebration of the reopening of our church. Please, call or text Father Bratso if you’re planning on attending this celebration. It is very important for us to know an approximate number of attendees.

May you all have a restful and peaceful summer, and may you remain in good health.

Thank you for your support of our cherished St. George Serbian Orthodox Church.

In Christ our Lord,

Father Bratso Krsic

Kate Thickstun