Stewardship Sunday, November 18, 2018

Stewardship 2019

Dear Fellow Stewards,

Greetings in the Lord!

We are pleased to send you 2019 Stewardship Commitment Card. As faithful Stewards of God’s creation we need to be reminded of our continual commitment to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church. Our commitment of Time, Talents and Treasures is just a small sign of appreciation to our Lord who blesses us daily with His Divine gifts.

May your commitment to our cherished St. George Church be made willingly, lovingly and prayerfully as we embark on a spiritual journey in the upcoming year of our Lord 2019. Remember, working together with faith in God we can accomplish great things!

Enclosed, please find the following:

Stewardship Commitment Card for 2019
Stewardship – Time and Talent cards and return envelope
Return envelope

Both of these two cards can be submitted in the church or the social hall on Sunday, November 18th, 2018, during our Annual Stewardship Sunday reflection and drive and you will receive a complementary lunch for your entire family.

It is very important that we complete our Stewardship Commitment Cards every year. This will help us create our budget for 2019 more easily and effectively.

Additionally, it will assist us in creating a database of all volunteers who commit to their Orthodox Stewardship through Time and Talents.

Should you have any questions regarding Stewardship, we encourage you to contact your parish priest, Fr. Bratso Krsic, Deacon Paul Germain, Zeljko Jack Milasinovic, stewardship chairman or any member of the Parish Council/Church Board. Upcoming home blessing make a great opportunity for a personal visit with Fr. Bratso to discuss various Stewardship needs of our Church.

We also take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all our parishioners who made their Stewardship Commitment in previous years. God grant you many years!

Yours in Christ and with kind appreciation,


Fr. Bratso Krsic, Parish Priestand Deacon Paul Germain

Zeljko Milasinovic, Stewardship Chairman

Kate Thickstun, Parish Council/Church Board President and Members

Stewardship appeal letter 2019

2019 Stewardship Card

Time and Talent sheet, 2019