Recommending the OrthoPrax App

Recommending the OrthoPrax App
Bishop Maxim of Serbian Western Diocese
Technology is so omnipresent in the 21st century that we must consider whether it has become the very reality of life itself. It is difficult and arduous to decide how best to consider it both authentically and critically. By using different apps as a tool, people believe that Orthodoxy can become ingrained in our everyday life. At the same time, we know that even the most developed mobile app can’t replace the Church. So what would be an “ideal” ecclesial mobile app? Maybe you can consider OrthoPrax.

OrthoPrax® is the ultimate Christian Orthodox calendar, prayer book, and guide with 3,500+ curated icons, daily prayers, and readings to help you experience and enjoy the liturgical cycle of the Church. Developed by the group of Orthodox laymen, it contains a wealth of information on the saints, far more than any other app you’ve seen. In-app purchases provide access to rich textual and audio content such as The Prologue of Ohrid by St. Nikolai of Serbia. But, you might ask, what of it?

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