Maja’s report on Christmas gifts project

The St. George Serbian Orthodox Church’s Gооd Samaritan Fund has launched a humanitarian project: Christmas Gifts for Children in Serbia. This program has benefited children in Serbia and Kosovo who are living in poverty and have special needs.

We have collected $9,710 and have sent $5,000 to 2 charity organizations in Serbia. The distribution of the remaining $4,710 will start on the day of the celebration of St Sava, bringing enormous happiness and joy to Kosovo children who deserve it!

Of the $5000, we have sent $3000 to the organization Pomoc Srpskoj Deci. The organization has purchased the gifts and, due to Covid-19, has mailed them to children in need all around Serbia.

$2000 was sent to the humanitarian organization “Stolar Mile,” who elected to travel and distribute gifts in person and focused their efforts on children with special needs living in Valjevo, Vrbas, Sremska Mitrovica, Arandjelovac, and Susek.Both organizations distributed a total of 406 gifts, bringing smiles and even tears of joy to the children.

I would like to sincerely thank all the donors for their contributions. I also wish to extend my gratitude to our Church Parish Council, Kolo Sestara, the St. George Church Choir and Father Bratso. It was my honor and privilege to lead this humanitarian project on behalf of our beloved Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church.

Maja Topalovic