Committing ourselves to our Orthodox Christian Faith

Dear Parents and Parishioners, 

Throughout our lives, we commit to many things.  As parents, we need to pay close attention to what our children commit themselves to.  We also need to teach our children through our example as well as through specific instructions how to commit, or pledge to something. Learning about commitment will benefit children as they journey through their lives.  Here are some ideas to help you guide your children.

Set a regular schedule for your children.  This often seems impossible with our often – chaotic pace of life, but a core of regularity is important.  Some examples of this would be setting a regular time for family prayer, and a regular time for at least one family meal every day, having a regular bedtime, and attending church services together as a family every week. 

Participation in the Liturgy (singing responses, taking Holy Communion, etc.) is essential to our growth in Christ. Children learn to expect and count on these activities, and realize that their family commits itself to them.

As Orthodox Christians, we want our children to commit themselves to Christ and to the Church, to gain eternal salvation.  

Helping our children learn how to choose, regularly participate in, and follow through with activities in their daily lives today will help them commit to seeking the eternal kingdom throughout the rest of their lives.

May the Lord our God give us strength as we begin our new Church school year. I thank you in advance for your assistance and participation. Please, fill out the registration form below and mail or give it directly back to Fr. Bratso Krsic or one of our Sunday School staff members. Thank you!

In Christ our Lord,

Fr. Bratso Krsic