Book Club at St. George

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord!

Praying you are having a spiritually fruitful Holy Week and that you are all healthy & safe.

Please find below information regarding the first meeting of the new virtual book club.  If you could share this with your friends and family who may be interested, that would be great!  We welcome all that are interested.  We will try to hold this meeting every week at the same time for consistency in your calendars.

The format is simple – we will read a spiritually uplifting book and have fellowship, digital style!  Having some nice hot tea to enjoy is always a plus.   
April 23, 20207:00 pm PST
Skype Group Meeting Link:
Our first book will be The Sunflower by St John of Tobolsk.  As a primer, this book focuses on the understanding of God’s divine will and providence in the world and in our lives.  This is a most appropriate subject in these days of uncertainty, trials and unrest.  The book is available here:

“May our love for the Sun, the will of God, be as strong as the sunflower’s, so that even in days of hardship and sorrow we will continue to sail unerringly along the sea of life, following the directions of the barometer and compass of God’s will that leads us to the safe haven of eternity.”

Wishing you all a most blessed continuation of Holy Week in anticipation of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In Christ,

Protodeacon Paul Germain