Appeal for Serbian Orthodox Diocese in South America, Help Mission

An Appeal for a Missionary Fund

January 23rd, 2018

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

God has revealed Himself! Indeed He has!

This greeting that we exchange these days during and after the Feast day of Theophany (manifestation or revelation of God in the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God) reminds us of the reality of God’s presence in our life as our Light and Salvation.

It is He who enlightens our mind and leads us into the Kingdom here and now. He calls us to proclaim this reality to those around us and to the world.

On February 4th, 2018, we will have two bishops with us, His Grace Bishop Maxim of the Western American Diocese and His Grace Bishop Kirilo, Vicar Bishop of Dioclia and administrator of the newly established South American diocese. It is our hope to provide financial help to His Grace Bishop Kirilo for his missionary work in South America as he continues his work on proclaiming Him, Who is our Light and Salvation. Several parishes in Brazil and Argentina have been established but in order to continue this work, they need our help.

We are sending this appeal letter to you today looking for 100 parishioners and friends to donate $100 or more each. This effort we have called The Circle of 100. Please consider being a part of our Circle of 100. Your donation will make a difference in the missionary work of His Grace Bishop Kirilo and his priests and faithful. All names will be published in our parish publication. Of course, we welcome a donation greater than $100 (or a lesser amount). Donations under $100 will be a part of a Supporting Group of Circle of 100. Please fill out the form below and return it to church with your donation.

Please come to church on Sunday, Feb. 4th, to participate in the Liturgy (starts at 10am) and hear from His Grace Kirilo about his missionary work in South America, so that together as a strong and vibrant community, we can show our support and give His Grace the funds that we’ve collected.

With kind thanksgiving thoughts,


Father Bratso Krsic
Parish Council/Church Executive Board
Open PDF file here: Appeal, Circle of 100