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  • Please help us…

When you move, inform our church office about your new address and contact information change. Also, would you like to be on our e-mail list (you will be receiving two or three e-mails a week).

  • Saint Katherine College – An Independent Orthodox Christian College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in San Diego, CA,
    Saint Katherine College is an undergraduate college of liberal arts and sciences focusing on integrative teaching in core subjects in addition to instruction in major-specific degree requirements.
  • Questions? Call the church office at 619-276-5827 or Fr. Bratso’s cell phone 619-316-2362 or e-mail him at
  • Fr. Bratso will be blessing homes after Theophany Feast Day (Jan. 19, 2011). Please, call him (619-276-5827, cell 619-316-2362) if you wish to have him pay you a pastoral visit and bless your home.

  • Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage presents: