Sunday School

Orthodox Christian Education – An Unending Activity of our Local Parish and our Homes

The Better children know God, the better they can love Him!

Orthodox Christian education is an ongoing activity that takes place every day in our local parishes and our homes. Yes, every community activity, e.g., social hour, parish annual assembly, youth rally, Sunday school, etc. is an educational activity. The community is the place for us to grow in holiness, to experience spiritual healing, and the place where we are challenged to live our Orthodox faith as holy men, women, and children. According to this understanding, then every member of a local Eucharistic community is a life-long student and teacher. Of course the same can be applied to our homes. The parents cannot teach their children if they themselves are not open to growing in faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

At St. George, we have a dedicated superintendant and teachers who eagerly assist our students in learning and growing in the Orthodox Faith.

2015 Sunday School Staff

Deacon Paul Germain, Elizabeth Kasic, Joanna Aud, Lisa Krsic, Anastasija Krsic