Serbian Orthodox Teachers, Youth and Young Adult Association S. O. T. A.Y. A. for the 21st Century

With the Blessings of the Episcopal Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America and the support of the Central Church Council, we announce the reestablishment of the Serbian Orthodox Teachers and Youth Association. The purpose of this ministry is to unite the teachers, young adults, and youth members of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Dioceses throughout North and South America. It is a special forum through which people will be brought closer together through a ministry of faith and fellowship.



The world is constantly changing and every day seems to introduce a new trend and movement

of youth culture. Most everyone agrees that growing up in today’s society heavily influenced by

media and pop culture, is a much more difficult task than it was in previous times. They are also

unprecedented technological developments and fundamental economic change. As a result, we

live in a world which is more interconnected, more volatile, and more complex. In the process,

our youth are being shaped by many negative and destructive influences, ones that can and will

define who they are and who they will become. For this reason, we have the sacred responsibility to do all that we can to ensure that the positive teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church

become a living presence in their lives. The local church, its worship experience, education and

fellowship opportunities are vital to the spiritual well being of all of us, most especially our

younger generations.


What or who is most influential in ones faith journey? While there may be different responses to this question, there is one overriding commonality: the power and significance of relationships for forming and nurturing faith. Parents, grandparents, spouses, caring bishops and priests, teachers, family and non-family faith mentors and friends are important persons whose faith “rubs off” onto others in the daily interactions of life together.


Therefore, the mission and goal of the SOTAYA ministry provides a forum for our young

people and our parish school teachers as they are led into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith.

By developing a closer relationship with our Lord, His Church, and one another, members of

SOTAYA will become more active sacramental members of the living Church and thereby better

equipped to meet the challenges of our time.


The Serbian Orthodox Teachers, and Youth/Young Adult Association, or SOTAYA, is the ministry to teenagers, young adults, and teachers of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America. The three-fold purpose, orientation, and implementation of SOTAYA is designed to (1) reflect the Orthodox Christian Faith, Tradition and Life in today’s society, (2) offer members opportunities to nurture and enhance relationships within this framework; and (3) encourage one another as collectively “commend ourselves and all our life to

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Christ, our God.”


Members of S.O.T.A.Y.A. will be brought together through church-related as well as social and cultural events. Each chapter of SOTAYA will work closely with the parish priest to fulfill the four main goals of SOTAYA which

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can be summarized as: Worship, Fellowship, Service and Witness.




In 2012, we are reestablishing this important ministry, with the addition of new elements that are

designed to meet the challenges of our 21st century . The Serbian Orthodox Teachers and Youth

Association was first proposed at the conclusion of a Sunday School Teacher’s Conference held

on August 26, 1961 at Shadeland, Pennsylvania, and soon thereafter, a National level and local

parish chapters of the ministry were formed. Among the new elements added in the reestablishment and restructuring of SOTAYA, is a Facebook and internet presence and the

formal administration of the organization by the Standing Committees for Christian Education,

Youth and Young Adult Ministries established by the Serbian Orthodox Church in 2003.




Parishes in the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America are encouraged to form a

chapter of each branch of SOTAYA on their local level.



We all must recognize that the home is the most important spiritual arena for Orthodox Christian

formation and practice, and expresses what has long been part of the church’s self-understanding. The New Testament epistles contain a great deal of references relating to the practice of faith in the context of the household. Saint John Chysostom called the home, the “little church.” Alongside and in support of family homes, our parishes are called to give children and young people

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experiences of faith. However, no family, in and of itself, has sufficient perspective, resources or capabilities to nurture children into life long commitment. For children and young people to grow into Orthodox Christian maturity, they need to learn what it is to practice their faith within their bigger and equally important family, the family of the baptized, the family of the Church. Membership in JUNIOR SOTAYA is open to all high school students inthe parish. During regular meetings, in a friendly, fun atmosphere, JUNIOR SOTAYA members will have the opportunity to discuss matters of faith, opportunities for educational and social events and community service. The officers of JUNIOR SOTAYA will be appointed

by the local parish priest and will consist of a President, Vice-President and Secretary and Treasurer. The priest will also select a parent coordinator to assist the youth in planning and organizing their activities. Local Chapters of JUNIOR SOTAYA will be able to network with other chapters established in their respective diocese as well as throughout North and South America. The Standing Committee for Youth Ministry is ready to assist each local chapter of JUNIOR SOTAYA in reaching its goals and will conduct an annual youth conference that will include discussions and activities specifically for JUNIOR SOTAYA representatives.



SENIOR SOTAYA is a ministry to young adults, ages 18-35 towards their greater integration

into the life of the local parish. Often, young adults feel isolated or overlooked in their own

parishes. The impact of rapidly-advancing technology, and particularly the rise of social media

opportunities, cannot be discounted, as young adults begin finding their way, discovering their

gifts, wondering how or if they fit into society and, for that matter, the church. SENIOR SOTAYA is an opportunity to reach out to our young adults and give them a chance to connect

with their peers as well as their faith. It is the spiritual arena where they have the opportunity to

explore how to belong and participate more fully in the life of the Church in worship, in a deeper

and fuller knowledge of faith, in various ministries of the Church, and in camaraderie with one another.
SENIOR SOTAYA is sub-divided into two age groups: 18-24 and 25-35 year old. Members of

SENIOR SOTAYA will gather for regular meetings to discuss regular educational and fellowship opportunities for young adults within the parish. The officers of SENIOR SOTAYA

will be appointed by the local parish priest and will consist of a President, Vice-President and

Secretary and Treasurer.

Local Chapters of SENIOR SOTAYA will be able to network with other chapters established in

their respective diocese as well as throughout North and South America. The Standing

Committee for Young Adult Ministry is ready to assist each local chapter of SENIOR SOTAYA

in reaching its goals and will conduct an annual conference of all chapters of SENIOR SOTAYA. This annual conference will allow for the opportunity of greater education in the

faith, as well as sharing and networking with other youth throughout the region. The 2013 Conference is being planned in Chicago.




We all understand that the teachers in our parishes are not substitutes for parents who take their

role as teachers of faith seriously. The single best predictor of whether a young person will

remain a member of the Church is the level of involvement of his or her parents.

However, the school teacher can have a tremendous influence on a child’s development. Parish

school teachers are part of the great heritage of discipleship, called to teach as Christ Himself

taught. A key component of any Christian education program is the teacher. Good resources and

curriculums are not enough. Teachers with knowledge of the Faith are essential to every parish.

Membership in TEACHER’S SOTAYA is open to parish parish school teachers and administrative staff who will regularly gather for meetings and fellowship, assist their parish

priest with the organization of the school curriculum, share ideas, organize opportunities for teacher training, and promote the furtherance of Christian education at their local parish.

For more information about SOTAYA, please contact Fr. Bratso at 619-276-5827 or