This glorious and victorious saint was born in Cappadocia the son of wealthy and virtuous parents. His father suffered for Christ and his mother then moved to Palestine. When George grew up, he entered the military, where in his twentieth year, attained the rank of a Tribune and as such was in the service of the Emperor Diocletian. When Diocletian began the terrible persecution against Christians, George came before him and courageously confessed that he is a Christian. The emperor had him thrown into prison and ordered that his feet be placed in a stockade of wooden hobbles and that a heavy stone be placed on his chest. After that, the emperor commanded that George be tied to a wheel under which was a board with large nails and he was to be rotated until his entire body became as one bloody wound.

After that, they buried him in a pit with only his head showing above the ground and there they left him for three days and three nights. Then George was given a deadly poison to drink by some magician. But, through all of these sufferings, George continuously prayed to God and God healed him instantly and saved him from death to the great astonishment of the people. When he resurrected a dead man through his prayer, many then accepted the Faith of Christ. Among these also was Alexandra, the wife of the Emperor Athanasius, the chief pagan priest and the farmers: Glycerius, Valerius, Donatus and Therinus.

Finally the emperor ordered George and his wife Alexandra beheaded. Blessed Alexandra died on the scaffold before being beheaded. St. George was beheaded in the year 303 A.D. The miracles which have

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occurred over the grave of St. George are without number. Numerous are his appearances, either in dreams or openly, to those who have invoked him and implored his help from that time until today. Enflamed with love for Christ the Lord, it was not difficult for this saintly George to leave all for the sake of this love: rank, wealth, imperial honor, his friends and the entire world. For this love, the Lord rewarded him with the wealth of unfading glory in heaven and on earth and eternal life in His kingdom. In addition, the Lord bestowed upon him the power and authority to assist all those in miseries and difficulties who honor him and call upon his name.

Св. вел. муч. Ђорђе (May 6th)

Овај славни и победоносни светитељ беше рођен у Кападокији као син богатих и благочестивих родитеља. Отац му пострада за Христа, и мајка му се пресели у Палестину. Када порасте Ђорђе оде у војску, где доспе у двадесетој својој години до чина трибуна, и као такав беше на служби при цару Диоклецијану. Када овај цар отпоче страшно гоњење на хришћане, ступи Ђорђе пред њега и одважно исповеди, да је и он хришћанин. Цар га баци у тамницу, а нареди да му се ноге ставе у кладе а на прси тежак камен. По том нареди, те га везаше на точак, под којим беху даске са великим ексерима, и да га тако окрећу, док му цело тело не поста као једна крвава рана.

По том га закопа у ров, тако да му само глава беше ван земље, и остави га у рову три дана и три ноћи. По том преко некога мађионичара даде му смртоносни отров. Но при

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свим овим мукама Ђорђе се непрестано мољаше Богу, и Бог га исцељиваше тренутно, и спасаваше од смрти на велико удивљење народа. Када и мртваца једног молитвом васкрсе, тада многи примише веру Христову. Међу овима беше и жена царева Александра, и главни жрец Атанасије, и земљоделац Гликерије, и Валерије, Донат и Терина. Најзад осуди цар Ђорђа и своју жену Александру на посечење мачем. Блажена Александра издахну на губилишту пре посечења, а св. Ђорђе би посечен 303 год. Чудесима, која се десише на гробу св. Ђорђа нема броја.

Нема броја ни његовим јављањима у сну и на јави многима, који га споменуше и његову помоћ поискаше од онда до дана данашњега. Разгоревши се љубављу према Христу Господу светом Ђорђу не беше тешко све оставити ради те љубави: и чин, и богатство, и царску почаст, и пријатеље, и сав свет. За ту љубав Господ га награди венцем неувеле славе на небу и на земљи и животом вечним у царству Свом. Још му дарова Господ силу и власт да помаже у бедама и невољама свима онима који га славе и његово име призивају.