Remodeling Projects

This project was initiated many years ago with the intent to repair and renovate the Church grounds. The restoration focuses mostly on the Church Hall, kitchen and bathrooms. However, in the future, the Church structure will need attention as well.

These restorations will allow us to meet the needs of our growing parish and community. They will help us continue to host events such as Orthodox educational events, SNF Tournaments, Serb Fests, and Folkfests.

This parish, with it’s all mosaic Church, stands as an everlasting symbol of our faith. We are obligated to continue the spirit and zeal that the founders began in 1969. Your beloved Church needs your moral and financial support like never before. Will you help us in this critically important effort for our Church?

How can you help?

  • You can become a steward of our Church: give weekly, monthly or annually.
  • You can donate your time to helping us with the renovation.
  • You can donate your talents. Do you build/renovate homes or work in construction?
  • Can you help us with our fund raising efforts? What are your ideas?

Our Vision Brochure

FAQ Brochure

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Commitment Card

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How to contact us?

Call Father Bratso in the Church office (619)276-5827 or email him at