Kosovo Fundraising banquet, December 29, 2019

Dear Parishioners and Friends, 

Over the years our parish has provided much needed assistance to our brothers and sisters in Serbia, including southern Serbia-Kosovo and Metohija and other regions where they live. We did not forget them then and we will not forget them now when they need us the most.

The illicit Kosovo government continues putting pressure on the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija by imposing various taxes and limiting imports of food and basic medical supplies. Our Serbian Orthodox Church remains the only ‘institution’ supporting them and remaining with our faithful in Kosovo and Metohija. 

His Grace Bishop Teodosije of the Ras and Prizren Diocese together with his clergy, monastics and faithful are singlehandedly trying to improve the living conditions of our people. One such effort is a dairy farm at the Gracanica monastery. Please, see the attached page to this letter explaining the project itself and the newly formed SAFKOS – Serbian American Foundation for Kosovo, started by our parishioner, Djordje Popovic.

The need is great! Kosovo is the heart of Serbia – Kosovo is Serbia! Please, join us once again on Sunday, December 29th, for the Liturgy and a fundraising banquet to benefit our brothers and sisters in Kosovo and Metohija. If you cannot make it to church on Dec. 29th, please consider mailing your donation (payable to St. George SOC; memo – for Kosovo) by using this self-addressed envelope. Any donation will be greatly appreciated!

With kind thanksgiving thoughts,

Fr. Bratso Krsic, Parish Priest
Kate Thickstun, President of the Church Board/Parish Council
Djordje Popovic, President of SAFKOS-Serbian American Foundation for Kosovo