Fr. Bratso’s pastoral letter

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

I hope and pray this letter finds you all in a good spiritual state and physical health. 

I continue reaching out to you, my dear Parishioners and Friends, with prayer and hope for your participation in the services and ongoing ministries of our parish, for the nourishment of our souls and bodies and the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

The total life of the Church, as it is inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit – The Holy Tradition is a font and haven for all of us. It is a font because in it we receive our spiritual birth, growth, and development, and it is a haven because in it we find shelter and refuge from the turmoil of the opposing ‘spiritualities’ of contemporary times.

Soon, we will begin with the work of the Institute which will afford us many educational, edifying, and cultural events. Their purpose is to bring us into communion with Christ, close to each other, and to elevate our minds and spirit.

I extend my pastoral invitation to you all: Come to your church; come to participate in the services; come to rediscover the wealth of our Orthodox spirituality; come to our spiritual home; come home!

With blessing in Christ our Lord, prayers for each one of you, and my deep gratitude,

Protopresbyter-stravrophor Bratislav Bratso Krsic