Fr. Bratso’s message to our high school and college students at the beginning of the school year

Dear High school and College Students of St. George Parish,

The beginning of each school year is an exhilarating time for everyone. You are excited to see friends, make new ones, start classes, and participate in the many academic and co-curricular activities available at your college/school. Everyone is ready for new challenges and new experiences.

As you begin or continue your high school and college education this year, we hope you will:

  • Begin each day with prayer asking God to bless you, your family, educators and your academic and school endeavors.
  • Attend and participate in your parish liturgical services (e.g. prepare yourself to receive Holy Communion, read epistle lesson, serve in the altar, sing in choir, etc). Those of you attending colleges in other cities and states, please, visit Orthodox Christian Fellowship website ( to find out more about Orthodox Christian campus ministry in your area.
  • Treat your elders and fellow students with respect and honor.
  • Study hard and do your homework – you will be amazed at how much success you can find when you work towards a goal.
  • Choose friends who are good for you – you will find yourself stronger
    and capable of better decisions when your friends expect you to do good things, too.
  • Join clubs or participate in activities, especially at your local parish, – you will find something that suits your interests and, if you don’t, see what you can do to create something new for yourself, your parish, your family and your friends.
  • Ask good questions – you have access to so many online resources for academic and personal growth; don’t be afraid to ask any question you have because there are many people who would love to help you. So, talk to your family, your parish priest, your kumovi, etc. They all truly care about you.
  • Have a wonderful and blessed school year!
  • Remember, you are in my daily prayers.

In Christ our Lord,

Father Bratso Krsic