Fr. Bratso’s message for Parish Patronal Feast Day – Hramovna Slava

My dear Parishioners and Friends, 

Christ is risen! Hristos voskrese! Hristos a înviat!

The discouraged and even frightened disciples of Christ were behind closed doors when the Lord came into their midst, greeting them twice with: Peace be with you!

The first time he greeted them with peace was to calm their frightened hearts and minds, and the second time, because He wanted them to pass that peace on to others.

Today, amid the COVID-19 and stay at home orders, we are in a way, ‘behind’ closed doors. Indeed, we too, need peace from our Lord, to strengthen our hearts and minds, and to give us peace, and cast away all fears, so that we can share that peace and assurance of our Lord with others, so that we may give them hope and courage.

This coming Sunday, we will commemorate the Sunday of the Myrrhbearing women. Their love, dedication and sacrifice led them to the tomb where they were greeted by an angel who asked: Whom do you seek? Jesus of Nazareth? He is not here, He is risen!

The myrrhbearing women’s love, not only strengthened their courage, but also made them worthy of being the first ones to receive the joyous news of Christ’s Resurrection. 

Additionally, my beloved in Christ, this coming Sunday we will also be celebrating our Church Slava. We cannot physically assemble in our cherished St. George Church, but we certainly can unite with prayerful hearts for:

-Healing of the sick

-Protection of doctors, nurses and all health workers

-The healthy ones that they remain healthy and ready to give a helping hand and assistance to those who are in need

-All of us to stay on the Path of salvation

-The joy of Resurrection to be with us

-All of us to continue examining our hearts and minds- that we repent

-Thanksgiving to our Lord

-Asking St. George, the Great-Martyr, to intercede before the Lord on our behalf.

The courage of St. George is well known to us all! 

May we too have that same courage, at this time, knowing that the Risen Lord is with us, and that nothing can rob us of that truth – the truth that the Lord is risen and that His abiding love is always with us.

Srecna Hramovna Slava! A blessed Church Feast Day!