Beginning of the sunday school

Dear Parents and Friends of St. George Parish:

We are delighted to remind you that Sunday school starts on Sunday, September 11th, 2011. On this Sunday we, also, will have St. George Playground Fundraising Kickoff Party! (see below)

Please, download the registration form, fill it out, mail or email it to Fr. Bratso or bring it with you to the church on Sunday, September 11.

Also, remember that on September 4th there will be no Liturgy as we are invited to attend Diocesan Annual Assembly and Diocesan Days at St. Steven’s Cathedral (September 2 – 4).

This year we have a great program and enthusiastic teachers.

Committed so far are: Mira Jovanovic, Natalija Germain, Sandie Papac but we need more helping hands. Will you consider helping with this great and needed ministry in our Church?

In addition to the regular Sunday school classes, we will continue having Liturgical singing classes with Kate Thickstun (most likely on Fridays). During these classes, our Sunday school students will learn to sing responses for the Divine Liturgy.

Please help us to

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make all this possible. You all play a very important role in educating our young ones in the Faith.

We encourage you to pray for your/our children. We are looking forward to working together with you in bringing up our children in our Orthodox Faith.

Thank you for being our co-workers in Jesus Christ.

Fr. Bratso Krsic
Deacon Paul
Sunday School Teachers

Sunday Schoo lRegistration Form For 2011 [PDF]