2017 Youth Conference


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Parish Priest and Church Board Dear Brother-in-Christ, and Esteemed Parish Board Members:

“Christ is in our midst!” We hope this letter finds all of you well and in joyful anticipation of the upcoming Feast of our Lord’s Nativity!

We are cordially inviting you to our 2017 National Youth Ministry Conference, to be held in San Francisco, CA June 21st through the 25th. Our Theme will be: “Living Icons: Seeing The Image of God In Those Around Us!” With the assistance of the local parishes there, the Conference high-point will certainly be the venerating of the relics of the Blessed St. John Maximovitch at the Cathedral.

But we need your help: if you can send at least 1, but better yet, 2 high-school students, age 14-17 , to this awesome event, it would make the Conference this year one of the best ever. If you are unsure of what the Youth Conference is all about, please contact your YM Representative within your Diocese (Committee members listed below), or visit our Youth Ministry link at our Serbian Orthodox Church Website.

This will be the Twelfth Year of the National Youth Conferences, but the first time that our youth will have the opportunity to venerate relics of a beloved Saint in our country, so we are excited that this will truly be a memorable experience. In the near future, your parish will be receiving additional correspondence providing more details, as well as guidance on how to register.

Looking forward to being with you all in California in June, and wishing you all a Joyous and Blessed Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord, as well as a Blessed New Year, we are your servants,

The National Youth Ministry Committee Of The Serbian Orthodox Church of North and South America

(V. Rev. Stavrofor Stevan Rocknage, Chairperson, V. Rev. Dragan Petrovich, V. Rev. Dragomir Tuba, Rev. Russell Radoicich, Brian Hayden, Rebecca Kesic, Christopher Radanovic)

For more information please contact: Chris Radanovic at chrisrad@mindspring.com or 717-303-3611